OverLooked ReMiX is dedicated to ridiculous interpretations of video game music and video game culture. Its primary focus is song rearrangements (ReMiXeS) in .mp3 format. Anyone is welcome to create an account and submit songs to the site. Our mission is to entertain, heckle, annoy and insult video game fans. Please enjoy.

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3 comments Posted by Ramaniscence on 5/22/15 10:34 AM
Fuckin' register and shit. Or don't. I don't care.


8/03/13: OLRmageddon LXIX - August 2013

0 comments Posted by Xenon Odyssey on 8/03/13 9:07 AM

With the Cap'n makin' it hap'n for his 5th gold, he brings us yet another theme to keep us on our toes:

6/09/13: OLRmageddon LXVIII - June 2013

0 comments Posted by Xenon Odyssey on 6/09/13 5:10 PM

With the hypocritcal commander winning his 4th gold, he brings us the theme for this month: