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PostPosted: Sun Jan 07, 2007 10:05 pm    Post subject: RulesforOLRmageddon/HistoryofBEER-EAR/PreviousThemes/WINRARS Reply with quote

Rules v. 3.2


General Rules:
1. This competition features videogame ReMiXeS in digital format.

2. This competition allows all types of instruments. There is no limit to what your mix can have in it in terms of instruments. You can use samples, synths, live instruments, body parts; anything you can think of. Singing DOES count as an instrument, though singing over the original video game music or MIDI file does not count as a submission and will be discarded. This also does not mean MIDI-rip and put new samples on it. If I suspect this, I will investigate and discard accordingly.

3. This is a monthly, themed competition. Each month will have a different theme (for example, "Games with Ninjas", "Any game released in 1991" or "Games featuring Mega Man"). Submissions must fit into the theme for that month (following the standard OLR submission guidelines) and must be submitted to the competition leader via PM or e-mail by the selected date for the month.

Exclamation 3a. Bonus points will be awarded based upon a statement included in the competition details (ie. +2 Bonus points if your mix contains the sound of glass shattering, or +2 Bonus points if you use the included voice sample).

When submitting, please note where or how in the song I may find the bonus, if you fail to note and I can't find it, then no bonus will be awarded.

4. Contestants are allowed to collaborate with other ReMiXeRs and are allowed to submit multiple entries per month.

5. The winner of the previous contest will select the next month's theme and the bonus.
Arrow If the winner of the previous month does not submit a theme and bonus by the end of the first week of the month, the theme is an automatic free month and no bonus points are available for that month.

6. The songs are hosted at They go up when the mixing ends, and have their tags changed when the winner is announced.

7. As displayed by Tarrasque during OLRmageddon XXXVI, if anyone takes the time and effort to write up a very well-done theme and bonus (including examples if the theme and bonus are not clear), they wil receive +1 bonus point on their next mix in the competition. This does not apply for all themes and/or bonuses. (Obviously "NES Games" isn't going to need a write-up, and neither will "Use this soundclip.")

8. If there are no entries for a theme by the deadline, the competition host will keep you in the dark until they choose to tell you what is going on.

Track Rules:
1. Submissions formats are limited to those that support ID3 v1 or v2. These include but are not limited to MP3 and OGG. However, MP3 is the preferred track format.

2. Tracks must be at least 1:00 in length. The track must be made for this contest, meaning it must be new or previously unreleased. Tracks must not be posted here or anywhere else until the contest (mixing and voting) is over.

3. This is an anonymous competition, meaning nobody must know who did what track until the contest is finished. We want votes to be as unbiased as possible. Please try hide this information as much as you can (for example, not talking about your track, and not naming it something like "[your name] Goes Nuts On Piano!".

4. Tracks are currently submitted to Xenon Odyssey, so PM him a link to your remix. He checks both here and OCR, and you can e-mail him as well if you don't have hosting.

Voting Rules:
1. Votes are currently submitted to Xenon Odyssey. You can write whatever you prefer in that PM, just make sure that he will be able to understand your votes. Voting begins as soon as the mixing time is over. Votes will be tallied when the voting period has ended. Only users with at least 10 forum posts are allowed to vote (or, have submitted a track to the competition).

Arrow If there are more than 2 remixes, each voter can cast up to 3 votes:

* +3
* +2
* +1

What do these numbers mean? They're just the amount of points you want to give to a remixer. So, if you write "Richter +3", Richter gains 3 points for the final score. No one is forced to cast all of the votes.

Some examples:

Richter +3
t3h real adam d. +2
Eriw +1

is allowed as well as

nesper +2

The winning remix will be direct posted to the main OLR archive.

Arrow If there are 2 remixes, the rule is still the same. You can still choose between the +3, the +2, and the +1 vote, except that you're just going to cast only up to two of them.
Arrow If there is only one remix, it becomes the winner by default.

XO'S Challenge:

During certain months (aka it won't happen every month), Xenon will issue a special challenge during the competition. This will usually be announced with the theme and can be considered as kind of an additional bonus for more points (the amount will be decided each month for each particular challenge). If you complete the challenge, you'll receive the additional points for that month, along with a tally of some kind. And who know, some challenges may bring greater rewards...

The History of BEER/EAR

And now, the history of BEER/EAR/OLR, as told by vindkast!

vindkast wrote:
damn... this is a huge part of OLR's history. It should probably be in the wiki or something.

BEER (2003)
BEER (Bloody Ears Extreme Remix) was a "crappy music" OCR contest MC and SuperGreenX started in January 2003. They picked some songs and gave people a weekend to submit remixes, then rated the entries on "n00bish qualities and amusement factors" and gave out awards.

It was supposed to be a one-time joke, but there were 25 entries, so it became a monthly thing that serious mixers and judges all participated in. But then things went up in flames and died a glorious death when no results were ever posted for BEER7 (7, right?), and each remixer basically claimed victory as a running joke. People revived BEER periodically and dragged it into double digits, but it never recovered from the scandal...

EAR (2004) revived once as FEAR (2005)
EAR (Egotistical Execrable Extreme Remix) was a "lets try again to revive BEER" OCR contest Trenthian started in early 2004. It failed miserably at first (zero entries in EAR1), then picked up and kept going for almost a year.

Trenthian picked songs and gave people a full week (gasp) to submit remixes, and required that songs include a bonus-like "crux." He'd release a "results" audio file for each contest, with song clips, commentary, nonsense, and bizarre awards (often including rewards for breaking the rules).

Then, in true BEER fashion, EAR also went up in flames and died a glorious death when Trenthian never released results for EAR92 (though previous contests' audio results were hacked together into fake results for EAR92). It probably didn't help that a group of remixers (reelmojo, DjBren, Gorveg, Mythril Nazgul, Shael Riley, vindkast) schemed to make the contest unjudgeable by mixing all their entries into a single megamix collaboration...

OLR (2005)
In early 2005, BEER-mixer Richter posted a thread on OCR announcing a website for bad/parody music. He and Eriw had included the winners of EAR7 and EAR8 in the first batch to be posted, and asked BEER/EAR-mixers to submit their songs. The original submit form asked for remixer, title, game, and what BEER/EAR contest the song is from. Around 1/3 of the first 100 songs on OLR were made for BEER/EAR, and 2/3 are from people who participated in BEER/EAR.
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 09, 2011 9:23 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Previous OLRmageddon Themes/Bonuses

As per request, here is a list of all the themes and bonuses OLRmageddon has gone through.

OLRmageddon I
Theme: Capcom Games
Bonus: Film Projector sound sample

OLRmageddon II
Theme: Games from 1998
Bonus: rapping - "the rhythmic delivery of rhymes"

OLRmageddon III
Theme: First-Person Shooters
Bonus: Anything related to Scotland

OLRmageddon IV
Theme: Konami Games
Bonus: Pirates!

OLRmageddon V
Theme: RPG Battle Themes
Bonus: High pitch vocals for at least 15 seconds

OLRmageddon VI
Theme: NES Games
Bonus: Anything related to Germany

OLRmageddon VII
Theme: Girls! (Any game with a female protagonist)
Bonus: Game sound effects (Mario jumping, Link collecting a heart/rupee)

OLRmageddon VIII
Theme: Zelda Games
Bonus: Anything related to Sweden

OLRmageddon IX
Theme: ReMiXeS in the Key of BUTTSEX
Bonus: Kazoo!

OLRmageddon X
Theme: Chrono Series
Bonus: Insect noises

OLRmageddon XI
Theme: Ye Olde Tyme (Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy)
Bonus: Koan

OLRmageddon XII
Theme: BEER/EAR Month Part 1
Bonus: Time Signature other than 4/4

OLRmageddon XIII
Theme: BEER/EAR Month Part 2
Bonus: Something that wouldn't normally be called an instrument (animals, car doors, vegetables, pogo stick, penix, etc.)

OLRmageddon XIV
Theme: BEER/EAR Month Part 3
Bonus: Include a sample from this site: (using Carmen - female Romanian voice)

OLRmageddon XV
Theme: Games with Zombies
Bonus: Sounds of the Human Body

OLRmageddon XVI
Theme: Commodore 64 Games
Bonus: Anything related to Japan

OLRmageddon XVII
Theme: Handheld Games
Bonus: A "Sesame Street"-style song about a Japanese gang (such as the Yakuza)

OLRmageddon XVIII
Theme: SNES Games
Bonus: The remix is done in a drone doom style (like the bands Sunn O))) or Earth)

OLRmageddon XIX
Theme: Nintendo 64 Games
Bonus: Any sound a cat makes

OLRmageddon XX
Theme: Free Month
Bonus: none

OLRmageddon XXI
Theme: Barbie Games
Bonus: Backwards section/instrument (as in reversing a sound) -=OR=- Include some typical Barbie commercial style singing (about Barbies awesome new accessories and stuff)

OLRmageddon XXII
Theme: Donkey Kong Country series
Bonus: Using monkey sounds in your mix (samples or your own voice; no other sources ie. internet) -=OR=- an OLR-style version of DK64's DK Rap with optional original lyrics

OLRmageddon XXIII
Theme: Shoot-'em-ups
Bonus: Doing a mix in the style of another OLReMiXeR

OLRmageddon XXIV
Theme: Street Fighter Series (or Eternal Champions if your parents didn't love you)
Bonus: "Heavy Damage" (A sudden/drastic change in style or tempo (within the same source tune))

OLRmageddon XXV
Theme: Games that start with M (Mario, Metroid, Mega Man, etc.)
Bonus: Any noise made with your mouth - rapping, singing, talking, bleching, whistling, etc.

OLRmageddon XXVI
Theme: Disney Games
Bonus: Accordian

OLRmageddon XXVII
Theme: Platformers
Bonus: Referencing non-contemporary literature (ie. Shakespeare, Kafka, Goethe, etc.)

OLRmageddon XXVIII
Theme: Ornithology (game with birds in them [as a major part of the game])
Bonus: Sounds from this video ( [mp3 supplied!]

OLRmageddon XXIX
Theme: Games with Numbers in the Title
Bonus: Use soundclip(s) from The Muppets.

OLRmageddon XXX
Theme: Games with Deserts
Bonus: +1 - Remixing the desert theme of game chosen.
+2 - Using pick-scratching in your mix

OLRmageddon XXXI
Theme: Title Screens
Bonus: Pots & pans

OLRmageddon XXXII
Theme: School Girls
Bonus: Paris Hilton

OLRmageddon XXXIII
Theme: Racing Games
Bonus: Sampling quotes/sound effects/etc. from movies BEFORE 1990

OLRmageddon XXXIV
Theme: Spooky Month - Any song that plays in a game or on a level with a monster/zombie/vampire/whatever.
Bonus: including a classic Dracula-esque "mu-ahaha," witch cackle, or scream.

OLRmageddon XXXV
Theme: Genesis Games
Bonus: Not remixing Battletoads

OLRmageddon XXXVI
Theme: Your Ass (games in which the main character has an ass [usually a human or humanoid character])
Bonus: Your Ass (audibly using your ass in your mix [+2, extra +1 if you can prove it was your booty])

OLRmageddon XXXVII
Theme: Sequels & Prequels
Bonus: Put a donk on it

Theme: Animals - any game that has an animal as the protagonist
Bonus: Animal Sounds

OLRmageddon XXXIX
Theme: Free Month
Bonus: None

OLRmageddon XL
Theme: Games with Dragons

Bonus: Explosions

OLRmageddon XLI
Theme: Sexually Dubious Characters
Bonus: Having a section/the remix in a 50's doo-wop style

OLRmageddon XLII
Theme: BEER/EAR Month Part 4
Bonus: Including a scat solo in Shooby Taylor's ( style

OLRmageddon XLIII
Theme: Frustrating Games
Bonus: Complaint/Rage Sounds

OLRmageddon XLIV
Theme: Really Bad Games
Bonus: Farts!

OLRmageddon XLV
Theme: BEER/EAR Month Part 5
Bonus: Creating a medley using two or more of the selected songs

OLRmageddon XLVI
Theme: Games with Ninjas
Bonus: Using Kung Fu sounds from provided sample pack

OLRmageddon XLVII
Theme: Black People
Bonus: Emulating the style of a black musician (ie. Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles, Soulja Boy, etc.)

OLRmageddon XLVIII
Theme: Doomsday (last level and final boss themes)
Bonus: Vocally advertising a commercial product

OLRmageddon XLIX
Theme: Sonikku za Hejjihoggu
Bonus: At least three (3) sound effects included in your mix (e.g. Rings, Springs, and Emeralds, oh my!)

OLRMageddon L
Theme: Breath of Fire
Bonus: Inappropriate Lyrics

OLRmageddon LI
Theme: BEER/EAR Month Part 6
Bonus: Include a dubstep wobble in your mix (regardless of genre)

OLRmageddon LII
Theme: Games with Water
Bonus: Jazz

OLRmageddon LIII
Theme: Castlevania
Bonus: Oktoberfest (polka beat and/or drunk people sounds, mugs clanking, general festivity etc.)

OLRmageddon LIV
Theme: Non-motorized Sports
Bonus: The telling of a joke in your mix

OLRmageddon LV
Theme: Snow & Ice
Bonus: Playing an instrument live

OLRmageddon LVI
Theme: Prophecies
Bonus: Maniacal Laughter

OLRmageddon LVII
Theme: Over 18 (games that were over 18 years old)
Bonus: Love Ballad

OLRmageddon LVIII
Theme: Mash-Ups
Bonus: Anachronim ((two songs from different generations [ie. NES & XBox, Genesis & PS2])

OLRmageddon LIX
Theme: Batman
Bonus: Creating your own Batman villian

OLRmageddon LX
Theme: Non-Famous Composers
Bonus: Wilhelm Scream

OLRmageddon LXI
Theme: Racial Stereotypes
Bonus: None

OLRmageddon LXII
Theme: Password
Bonus: Remix in 5/4 or 7/4 time

OLRmageddon LXIII
Theme: Teamwork (Co-op games)
Bonus: Bonus Stage

OLRmageddon LXIV
Theme: Wir Sind Die Roboter! {We are the Robots} (Any game featuring a robot/android as the protagonist EXCEPT FOR MEGAMAN HAH)
Bonus: Robot Voice

OLRmageddon LXV
Theme: Free Month
Bonus: None!

Grand Tally

Oh, so who's the current Grand Champion of OLRmageddon? Look below and see!

    Brunzolaitis - 13 gold, 14 silver, and 13 bronze
    dasaten - 6 gold, 7 silver, and 8 bronze
    Jildon - 7 gold, 6 silver, and 5 bronze
    OneUp - 5 gold, 2 silver, and 4 bronze
    Caw Nil - 2 gold, 1 silver, and 5 bronze
    Nario - 2 gold and 5 silver
    ShinnyMetal - 5 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze
    stig the horsetheif - 4 gold and 2 silver
    Nase - 3 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze
    Tarrasque - 4 gold and 2 bronze
    ProjectSpam - 2 gold and 3 silver
    cotti - 3 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze
    DJM#3 - 1 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze
    Captain Hypocrite - 2 gold and 1 silver
    ukendt - 1 gold and 3 bronze
    Pinkos Anon - 2 gold and 1 silver
    Txai - 2 gold
    One Winged Rakunya - 1 gold and 1 silver
    Level 99 - 1 gold and 1 bronze
    Chickenwarlord - 1 silver and 1 bronze
    Felix - 1 gold
    plumberparty - 1 gold
    Ralphis - 1 gold
    ssjgodzilla - 1 gold
    vindkast - 1 gold
    his Friend - 1 silver
    Ghost64 - 1 silver
    sir joe saw us - 1 silver
    The Tonberries - 1 silver
    Xenon Odyssey - 1 silver
    Xuwawa - 1 silver
    Zimish One - 1 silver
    LSDguy - 1 bronze
    Pixelated - 1 bronze
    Torzelan - 1 bronze
    t3h43rdramen - 1 bronze
    Warp Zone - 1 bronze

If you have a question, you know the rest.
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