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ReMiX: King of Pillows

Posted by richter. Wanna know what the Judges said about this?
“What better time to post our whopping 100th ReMiX than right when we were celebrating our three month and seventeen day anniversary? In retrospect of the last almost four months and an incredible amount of ReMiXeS, here are some words from our site's remarkable founder, Eriw:

In spite of the wide range of VG remixes out there, we just couldn't get enough. We had all been amazed by creative mixes made by virtuosos like Ailsean, McVaffe and Virt. But somehow it was songs like The Music of my Groin that made the deepest impression. And we wanted more of that!
Since Overlooked ReMix started we've got more than we could ever hope for. The weirdest, funniest, crappiest, most creative mixes have reached us and we have enjoyed every second. All we can say now is: Keep em coming!

Well put! It's been a crazy hundred mixes, and the site has matured in ways I didn't think were possible just a few months ago. Indeed, we've had our first project launched, our first real drama and our first radio plug. I'm blown away and impressed by the community and the diverse music.

And speaking of blown away, our 100th mix is pretty amazing. A very original mix, it features weird whiny synths, very clever lyrics, excellent vocals and harmony, and a really professional pop/punk feel, all while remaining within the purposefully low expectations set on any OL ReMiX.

The epitome of what this site was created to collect, I hope you enjoy #100 from the talented DMS.

Thanks everybody! Here's to another 100
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