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ReMiX: Happy Birfday DCT

Posted by richter.
“Done in about 3 hours while I crashed at Mustin's house for two weeks with a broken down van. I love transmissions.

Anyways, it was Duane "DCT" Thorpe's birthday, and we decided to celebrate the occasion with some rapping and fun times.
Mustin whipped up the beat, did some fine tuning and we both had some vocals ready to go. Jared Dunn, the drummer for The OneUps was home at the time as well and asked to add a solo to the song which makes it even more fun. Tons of in jokes, but still funny if you don't get them all.

It was great working with Mustin and I'm really happy with how the song turned out. I'd post lyrics, but I don't even have mine anymore. They aren't hard to figure out.

Vocals: Joe Cammisa & Mustin
Synth Solo: Jared Dunn
All other music & production: Mustin

This song is not endorsed by Lil' Jon. ”
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