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ReMiX: Underground Labyrinth

Posted by richter.
“So Eriw had noticed that we only had one J0URN3Y 2 51L1U5 OLREMIX ReMiX up here, and that we needed more. Last time we posted ALL of them, but that was mostly to ensure our judge for a week had something to do in that time. Heh.

What I'd like to do, though, is pretty much have a standard like OCR does -- one track gets posted to represent the project itself (decided on by the project leader(s)), then the rest can be submitted if those individual ReMiXeRs choose to do so. So any of the rest of these, I leave that up to you guys. Submit if you want, otherwise, they're in the project and that's cool as is.

I, however, am a known Button Mashers fanboy. No, I don't have the shirt yet, but it's on my Xmas list. I enjoy this track so much that I want it to get a little more attention, if possible. Download, enjoy.”
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