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ReMiX: Docking With Dracula

Posted by richter. Wanna know what the Judges said about this?
“Wait, I keep forgetting this is a parody site.

Right, so aligning admirably with copacetic acquiescence to this film, newcomer RocketSniper brings us an anomalistic tune of magnanimous hilarity. While the similarity to Tom Berenger ends there, I'm sure that both pay equal attention to detail and stone-silent patience when engrossed in their work (unlike a certain baseball team lately).

Kicking things off with commiserable voice clips and edgy synths, the execution via projectiles quickly moves into heavier and stentorian motifs. Quick ending, very smooth.

Let's hope RocketSniper finds time to continue his ReMixing career when not enjoying leisure time on his sailed scooter with the unscrupulous undead. Recommended.”
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