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Posted by richter. Wanna know what the Judges said about this?
“I've heard this before somewhere and I'm glad it's come back into my life. This is, quite frankly, one of the funniest joke mixes ever, and has been for some time. It's got this weird highschool instructional movie/trance music vibe . The synth-work is top-notch, actually using many of the same techniques you can recognize in Nobuo's work on the old 8 and 16-bit FFs, as the sample quality improves. It's a concept piece, not to be imitated but to be enjoyed for what it is. Beyond the Microsoft Sam-sounding voice and it's nutzo but accurate diatribe about the series, there is an undeniable and playfully masterful musicality holding the songs together through each movement, and that's the deal-maker. This gets my biggest, fattest, most engourged and errect.”
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