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ReMiX: The Mega Man Song

Posted by Big Fag.
“Wow. Eriw found this someplace. Dunno who this guy is, but this is almost EXACTLY what we're looking for in an OL ReMiX.

Thing is though, there's nothing funny about it, and it's almost too good. I say almost because this would easily get rejected from OCR with a pat on the back for good behavior, and VGMix would likely toss it into tier 4 (where my mixes reside) with a few lurkers that have it on their #1 toplist. So it's not too good, but it's definitely not awful either. The thing I love most about it is that it's very unique; not something you'd likely find anywhere else.

Heavy chipesque synths, hard beats and filtered vocals that remind me of SGX. How can you go wrong? Download NOW.”
-Big Fag
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