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ReMiX: Uncle Tom's Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider

Posted by richter. Wanna know what the Judges said about this?
“Sorry about the long delay between posted songs, but I spent half the week in sunny overcast California rocking a series of interviews! I'm so excited I just can't stop babbling about it, but in effort to keep this from becoming a blog I'll shutup here.

Eriw wrote:
I love Mega Man. I love you too dasaten. I really do.

Couldn't agree more! dasaten has been an asset to this website practically since conception, helping Dwelling of Fools to be successful for a whole year, and by being the ReMiXeR with the 3rd most songs! (He's just behind Brunzo and the_p00t! You guys rock too!) In this instance dasaten really shows off some sexy guitar playing and covers one of my personal Mega Man favorites!

Crazily coincidentally -- just yesterday I saw a thread on VGMix2.5 about a cover of this same song. I couldn't figure out the song and... well you can read the post for now and, yeah. So just last night I was enjoying another version of the same song.

Good stuff!!”
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