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ReMiX: super mario bonk 3

Posted by Xenon Odyssey. Wanna know what the Judges said about this?
“OMG! Yeah, I'm posting this one. But hey, this is the 800th OL ReMiX! And to celebrate, we are posting this awesome tunage by shpladoink.

Now, I know some of you don't care about OCR at all, but since we are a parody site of it, it's our duty to mimic them as horribly as possible. Therefore, we are pleased to present OverLooked InterViews, starting with mr. shpladoink himself!

His and the rest of them can be found under the WTF drop-down menu, or by following this link:

Here's to another 800 mixes of audio diarrhea!”
-Xenon Odyssey
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