Submission Guidelines

At OverLooked ReMiX, we're trying to compile an archive of the best of the bizarre. While it's remarkably difficult to describe what we're looking for, it's still a necessary evil that we've tried to accomplish as best we can.

The following is a list that describes the nature of music accepted to our site. These are the difficult decisions that are of course always subject to opinion and vary from person to person:

The following is a list that describes the mechanics of music accepted to our site. These decisions are more straight-forward and black-and-white:

Song Suggestions:

This is a site of extremes. We have some extremely awful music, and some extremely high quality music. Likewise, we have some music of extremely short length (even only a few seconds!), and some songs that are quite long (over 5:00). The following are some normal standards that are typically followed but not necessarily enforced:

File Requirements:

File Suggestions:

Oh Shut Up

Don't take this site too seriously. We sure as fuck don't. If you've been rejected, it just means you suck at sucking which isn't really all that horrible a thing, is it? (If you'd like some feedback/help, feel free to ask for it in the music board.)