How did you discover the glorious page that is OverLooked ReMiX?

well i was at ocr mostly for a while. having become disenchanted with their mtehod of mixing i started my own style and put a song on the wroks in progres and i think someone told me about olr cuz it wodl suit my style more. turns out i love it here!

Any goals you'd liked to accomplish with remixing? You seem to have a lot of Final Fantasy VII mixes...

well first and foremost my remixes are actually containign subliminaml messages attempting to convert people to a sort of cult based on (not necsesaruily the cetnral figures of, but the concept and practice itself of) pop culture media being a god figure. i also like to make silly noises so its winwin.

Significance of the name 'caw nil' ? Is is 'Caw Nil' or 'cawnil' or 'Captain Bubble Sausage?'

my real name that people call me in the p lace outside internet is Conal. its gaelic (ancient celtic) and it means high and mighty. it sounds just like o'connell without the o'. so then forineternet so nobody will know me it jchanged to caw nil. sounds same but now it is poetic. like in late november 4pm, no blue above...just brown leaves and nobody there. cars are gone. a crow CAWs and then silence..NIL. its powerful and yet pretentious, so it balances aout and winds up not really meaning anything. my buddy lsdguy just calls me c-nil, which is like 100-0...also i am a very all-or-nothing typ eof guy so that makes ver much sense too! nmoreseo indeed.

How would you cheer Sad Mario up?

ask him wehat he lieks to groove on and make some calls and se what i can do to hook a brotha UP.

If you could go on an adveture with Fuck Cat in a dump truck, where/what would you go/do?

here smy itnended iternary.
1.)wak e up
2.) cal up fuck cat asay hay baby
3.) meet at 7-11 and get to know aeach other over popsicles. i wil have a spider man one or another character with gumball eyes. she will have awhatevr she wants. i will have sunglases. we will tell each other the jokse on the popsicle sticks then maybe make out a little.
56.) we hop in the truck, and go to the edge of town. we cal up all our peoples and have a party. like, one of those empty-swimming pooll parties, but in a n empty drumptruck. and then when partis' over, we just dump all the bottles out into like some dupmester or somethign ecologically sane.
7>) so ten we go back to her place and maybe i like to pet the cat cuz its soft and it winds up drooling so i have to feed the cat something
8>) wak eup and do it alover again

Any future mixzors in the making? Any plans? Huh huh?

wel i have like 5 in the workz now. and like a bigass playlsit of tunes that i wana do. i'm trign to get some colaborators to do some rapping. so far my bandmembers and some other frinds are going to lay down a verse or 2. expcept some wacky shit ithink

What are you doing now?


Remixing equipmentz = ?

i got 2 turntables & a microphone
..bu tno seriosuly. 1 computer, 1 elec gt, 1 acou gt, 1 mic. my progrz are furityloops, goldwave, soundforge.

Why OLR, and not the millions of other sites like Google?

why dont u just fuck off realize how awesome olr is. dont ask me this sily cuestion! of cours its OLR4LIEF YO. no seriously its ucz i think it wrocks way better. than all the rest .. by far. i mean thasauce is ok but its so slow no updates ever and nobody goes ther. ppl her are cool.

Favorite game/system and WHY:

because its better htan the sims!!

and in closing i like to give shout to my family, my homeies, ny new badn Mike Soviet (chezk on youtube, the videos dont have me yet but soon enouh), god, and all th fraaeky cheildren. and todays epixode is bruoght to u by the letter Z & the numbe 9. peace everyon i love u all an dont doubt it for aseocnd.

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