How did you get into the remixing scene?

lol remixing scene. Kupi introduced me to OCR in late 2005, but I didn't complete any actual game mixes until "Heading West," which was conceived, recorded and submitted in about an hour. I'm sure there were some half-finished things before that, but I don't remember what they were. Maybe a mashup or two. Also a lot of other non-game-related-audio-junk-hyphen.

What is your flavor of remix equipment (or lack thereof)?

All live instruments have been recorded with the same computer microphone I've had since fifth grade. I think we managed to plug a keyboard into a line in jack or something once or twice, so that turned out a bit cleaner. I have a few nice microphones, but no means to use them on my computron. If someone wants to donate a firewire box or something, that would be great. Sound Forge and Acid for post and mixing, and FLstudio for stuff we can't do live, such as Keep A Beat.

I've used electric and acoustic guitars, kazoos, recorders, keyboards, synthesizers, cardboard boxes, coat hangers, cat, pillows, whatever I have available and sounds "good." Also I just bought an organ, so look forward to hearing that maybe.

Can you make Sad Mario cry?

I haven't yet?

If you and richter were both drunk in the same room, would you come onto him?

What was his alt account's name? The other judge from a while back... I'd probably hit on him instead.

Any future mixes in the works?

That would be telling.

Why OLR, and not OCR/VGMix/ReMix: ThaSauce/Geoshitties/Mapquest/Google?

My stuff wouldn't uh... assimilate well with OCR for the most part, so I never bothered submitting anything there. Robo-Nupu is the musical thing Kupi and I do that sometimes has game music in it, so that had its own website for a while, but it's since been delooted. Robo-Nupu's first album is on a megashare or something now if anyone doesn't already have it.

As for the other sites you mentioned, I signed up for VGMix when it came back and then promptly forgot about it. I'm working on a site of my own that will eventually have room for my ear noise files. Mostly I just like the bunch of people that submit their crap to OLR and then make five thousand posts about nothing in the forums. Shit gets too serious on some of those other sites. OLR is like Does it sound good? Is it funny? Cool. Put it up. Everyone here knows what the site is about, so I'm not going to go quote the OverLooked ReMix mission statement or whatever.

Google Maps should have OLRemixes play when you're looking for directions to sketchy neighborhoods or something. FOOTPRINTS THERE ARE LEFT... TO FOLLOW.

What are you doing now?

Nursing a nasty gash on my palm. I was carpetboarding in the living room and landed on a stray sliver of glass. Rediculous. Also catching up on emails and crap since I've been out of state this past week.


o i can't tell u that~<3

What makes YOUR truck bump?

Would you like to finish this discussion over dinner?

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